A Great Investment - Catholic Education

Catholic education is one of the best investments a parent can make in their child’s future – not only of this world but in the world to come.  Catholic education prepares students to be pilgrims in this world, with 96% of Catholic school graduates going on to further their education at some of the best colleges and universities in the country,(1) yet also prepares students for eternity with an encounter with Jesus Christ in their daily lives and an emphasis on faith, academic achievement, selfdiscipline, and high moral standards.

Alumni of The Atonement Academy have recognized the value of the education they received at The Atonement Academy:

“Now that I am in college, I realize that Atonement has made me more than ready to meet any academic or moral challenge that I may face. In terms of Faith, Atonement has given me the chance to see the full experience of Catholicism. In terms of academics, Atonement has instilled a strong ability for self-teaching and proficiency. Wherever I go in life, I will know that I have been given a strong foundation in Faith and Reason.”  Jonathan DuBois, Class of 2015, UTSA

“The classical education that I received from the Atonement Academy has been an invaluable help to me in college. I learned not only facts and methods, but the underlying principles and ideas behind the full education of the human person. I left the school with a sense of appreciation for learning and carried that with me into college, where I am still anxious to learn more. The strong Catholic culture and environment at The Atonement Academy carried over into my college life and I am sure that I do and will continue to benefit from the formation that I received there.” Breck Giltner, Class of 2016, Univ. of Dallas

“The most important thing I learned at Atonement is to love learning for its own sake. So many people go to university just for the degree and dismiss the most important benefit of learning. Knowledge brings you closer to the truth, and truth shows you the way to a fulfilling life, to the Truth himself.”  Meg McDonough, Class of 2017, Univ. of Dallas

“My faith foundation from The Atonement Academy helped me not only survive the first few years of college, but also grow in my spiritual life. In college, no one tells you to go to daily Mass or even to go to Mass on Sunday--it is a choice you have to make.  Without the habit I had formed in school, I could have easily fallen away from the church.  Instead, I felt starved for daily Mass on the days I had to go to class during the noon hour. My classes in Catholic Doctrine and Moral Theology have given me confidence to talk to Catholic and non-Catholic peers alike about our faith and to bring them closer to the Truth.  I even have some friends who were once anti-Catholic seriously looking into the faith. It is incredible how God bears fruit in our lives if we are willing to bear witness to Him.”   Mary Henriquez, Class of 2016, Univ. of Houston

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