Deep Understanding of the Faith (Catholic Education)

As a Catholic school, The Atonement Academy is able to bring our students into a deep understanding of the Faith. This takes place not only in religion and theology classes, but also in the daily rhythm of prayers and devotions, regular confession, works of charity, and of course – supremely – through daily participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

We follow carefully the Church’s liturgical calendar at The Atonement Academy, and this allows us as a community to experience the sanctification of time. Our students learn the importance of the Church’s various seasons, and they experience them. Whether it be feasting or fasting, the keeping of important holy days, the celebration of saints’ days, singing in the choir or kneeling quietly in prayer, our students learn the great truth that all time belongs to God and that each one of us needs to learn to live in the constant presence of God. It is that knowledge, that we live in the presence of God, which forms our students intellectually, spiritually, and physically.

Religion, as it is taught and practiced at The Atonement Academy, is not a watered-down “lowest-common-denominator” kind of religion. Rather, it is taught and practiced as a robust Faith. It is the revelation from God which gives us direction in this life and which can bring us to eternal life with Him in heaven.

Giving our students anything less than the full Catholic Faith would be cheating them, and we would not be fulfilling our responsibility as a Catholic school.