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Holy Water Font

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Just inside the main doors of the church, in the narthex, is a simple marble holy water font. On a typical day during the year, hundreds of the faithful dip their fingers into its water to make the sign of the cross upon themselves, both as a blessing and as a reminder of their own [...]

Receiving a beautiful name…

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I remember that day in 1983 when I was summoned to the archbishop’s office. Now, getting a call from one’s archbishop is not something priests especially look forward to – but this time was the exception. Word had been received from Rome; the Holy Father Pope John Paul II, after lengthy prayer, had made the [...]

Fr. Paul on Our Lady’s Title

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Fr. Paul of Graymoor wrote extensively about the Blessed Virgin Mary, and very often about the particular title, Our Lady of the Atonement, which was revealed to him by God: This particular name of Our Blessed Mother is very dear to us and we believe it is dear to Our Lady herself. We hold it [...]