It may seem like a small thing to those who have not experienced the mess which goes along with construction, but we have our entrances back! With the completion of the stamped concrete work, we are now able to have access to the Sacred Heart Chapel door as well as the front doors of the school and the gymnasium entrance.

Preparation is being made for the asphalt paving. Part of the existing parking area is being reconfigured and the expanded area beside and behind the new building will mean lots of additional parking.

The stone masons will be returning very soon to finish the small section left over the auditorium entrance.

When the asphalt paving is done it will mean less dust and dirt around, and we will be able to repair and repaint the main doors of the church. In fact, all the doors (including the original entrance doors now in the courtyard) will receive any necessary repairs, and all of them will receive a new coat of beautiful red paint.

The planting and seating area with the fountain is ready to be started. It would make a great memorial, or a gift in thanksgiving to God. If you are interested in providing the funds for this, please contact Robert Ott at (210) 695-2944 or