The heart-beat of our liturgical life here is music. Even before we had a permanent building we had a pipe organ, temporarily installed in our rented facility, and then moved to the church as soon as it was built. The first instrument was small but quite beautiful. It provided excellent support for congregational singing, which is such an important part of our public worship. Also it was able to sustain a fairly good range of musical literature, adding great beauty to the celebration of Mass and other services.

However, it was never envisioned as the final instrument, and when the expansion of the church began we considered how we would also expand the organ. At exactly the time we needed to make some decisions the magnificent Casavant Freres, Opus 2016, 1950, became available because of a church closing. With the cooperation and hard work of many people this beautiful instrument has found its home at Our Lady of the Atonement Church.

The Gallery Organ consists of thirty-six ranks of pipes, and the Nave Organ is made up of fourteen ranks of pipes, making a total of fifty ranks. Both organs are played from the gallery console, either separately, or with complete coupling capability. It’s very effective for an “echo” effect, or for separating a solo stop, and the Nave Organ combined with the Gallery Organ is extremely helpful in supporting congregational singing. Having some of the sound coming from half-way down the nave, combined with the sound from the gallery, gives a very full accompaniment for the hymns.

Below is a stoplist for the two organs:


Gallery Organ: Casavant Frères,Opus 2016 - 1950


SWELL (enclosed)

8’ Geigen Principal

8’ Stopped Diapason

8’ Viola da Gamba

8’ Voix Celeste (GG)

4’ Octave Geigen

4’ Flauto Traverso

2’ Flautino

III Tierce Mixture

16’ Contra Fagotto

8’ Trumpet

8’ Oboe*

8’ Vox Humana

4’ Clarion





16’ Violone (+)

16’ Gedeckt

8’ Open Diapason

8’ Hohl Flute

8’ Viole (From Violone)

8’ Gemshorn

4’ Octave

2’ Fifteenth

III Mixture

8’ Trumpet (+)


CHOIR (enclosed)

8’ Violin Diapason

8’ Melodia

8’ Dulciana

4’ Lieblich Flute

2 2/3’ Nazard

2’ Flageolet

8’ Clarinet

8’ Festival Trumpet*




32’ Bourdon+ (+)

16’ Contra Bass

16’ Bourdon

16’ Gedeckt (from Gt.)

16′ Violone (from Gt.)

8’ Octave (from Contra Bass)

8’ Cello

8’ Bourdon (from 16’ Bd.)

4’ Choral Bass (from Cello)

32’ Contra Trombone*

16’ Trombone

16’ Contra Fagotto (from Sw.)

8’ Trumpet*

4’ Clarion*


(+) – Deontes additions by Ballard Organ Company*
- Denotes stops prepared for future addition
+ – Denotes not part of the original Casavant specifications.

Nave Organ - Ballard Pipe Organs - Spring 2007









16′ Bourdon

8’ Open Diapason

8’ Gedeckt

4’ Principal

4’  Chimney Flute

4’ Harmonic Flute

2 2/3’ Quinte

2’ Principal

2’ Blockflute

1 3/5’ Tierce

III Mixture

8’ Orlo s




16’ Gedeckt (man.)


Sacred Heart Chapel Organ

The organ located in the Sacred Heart Chapel is from the John Crum Organ Company in Cobleskill, NY, which had brought its components from Germany.

The organ has five ranks of  pipes and a zimbelstern.